Osteoporosis Disease


There are many disease processes that affect the musculoskeletal system. Some of these disease processes could originate from autoimmune disorders, genetic, and or pathogens (bacteria,virus, protozoans, etc.). Think of a disease process which can potentially affect the skeletal or muscular system. Investigate the etiology, signs and symptoms, physiological complications that can arise from the disease state, and current treatment available. Example: What caused the disease? What is the history of the disease? When the disease was first discovered? Who discovered the disease? How many people are affected by the disease? How does the disease present clinically (sign/symptoms)? How does the disease process affect the body physiologically? What treatments are available? How do the treatments correct the body physiology? Are there natural remedies shown to be affective? Write and submit for a grade a complete outline of your proposed thesis (topic) as a Microsoft Word Document (doc/docx). This outline is to include the title page, introduction, each paragraph’s main ideas (thesis), and conclusion. Once the outline has been approved, you can proceed writing your 3-5 page paper. The paper must follow APA 6th edition format, 5 or more scholarly references must be used , 12 Times New Roman Font, and double spaced. The paper will be due Wednesday of Week 4 for grading. The outline is due this Saturday before 11:59pm.

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