New global cyber security structure

Gglobal security structure chapter 9
1. Discuss some of the main structural features of the
new global cyber security structure.
2. Discuss several ways in which economic developments in the last twenty years have contributed to
a weakening of U.S. military and economic power.
3. Outline some of the benefits and drawback of the
Obama administration’s unilateralist application
of force combined with multilateralist outlook
about sharing power with other states.
4. Outline some of the security threats and issues
that IOs and NGOs deal with. Discuss some of the
reasons why they do not have more success solving these sorts of problems. What would it take
for them to be more successful?
5. Pick a significant security event and discuss how a
classical realist and a neorealist would explain it.
Discuss which outlook is closest to your own view
and why

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