Musical Bibliography

Musical Artist Excavation Annotated Bibliography Project Sheet and Rubric

Project Overview:

Now that you’ve chosen your artist for the Musical Artist Excavation, it’s time to start your research. The Annotated Bibliography for your Artist Excavation Essay is a major project in and of itself, as it is worth 15% of the final grade. Here are the specifics regarding the annotated bibliography portion of this project:

2.) 4-5 page final draft of annotated bib. due by midnight Tues, 12/1
• electronically via “Paper Submissions” tab in Blackboard (12pt font,

MLA/APA Format, etc.), worth 100 total points and 15% of final grade.

Project Description:

The research element of this project is paramount. Even if you’ve started thinking about the kinds of questions you might like to ask concerning your musical artist/genre, you might find these questions changing as you get into your research. For this reason, it’s important to go into this project with an open mind, particularly if you have a significant personal attachment to the music. I’d like your sources for this paper to be both varied and rigorously considered. For that reason, I’m asking you to put together an annotated bibliography that has some very specific requirements. Those requirements are outlined below:

1.) You must have a minimum of 7 total sources.

2.) You can only use 1 encyclopedic (tertiary) source – this includes


3.) You must include at least 2 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.

4.) Music that is directly referenced (primary source) does not count

toward these 7 sources. This includes songs/lyrics/performances, etc.

Final Draft Rubric (100 points total):

The Annotated Bib. follows the source type criteria above – 25 points

The bibliography entries contain at least 150 words each – 25 points

The entries offer both summary and evaluation of sources – 25 points

The Annotated Bibliography follows MLA or APA Format – 25 points

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