Music Theory

For your final work in this course, craft a large essay using the following criteria:


Pick a topic studied in our course you found thought-provoking. This may be a general topic, genre, composer, etc.

Research your topic using our textbook, online and other print sources and gather interesting points and ideas to use in your essay.

Find at least one concert that you watch online to exemplify your topic or a point within your topic. (Note: I normally also allow you to attend a concert in person. At this time, I have removed that option from this project.)
Structure your essay as follows:

● A minimum of 3 pages to a maximum of 5 pages (points will be deducted for going below or above these page limits)

○ Times New Roman 12 pt font

○ Double spaced

○ Normal margins

○ Bibliography (any format style, but be consistent)
The bibliography is an additional page and not included in the 3-5 page range for this project.

Choosing your topic:

● Topic Ideas:

○ A musical period (e.g., Baroque)

○ A major composer (e.g., Beethoven)

○ A major genre (e.g., the Symphony… to mean the type of music, not the type of group)

● Choose a topic for which you will be able to find at least four sources:

○ You must include in your report a clickable link to the concert(s) you watch online.

○ Something written about people, cultural impact, groups, etc. related to your topic (book, magazine, etc.).

○ Clickable links to interviews with artists, historians, etc.

○ Your notes from an interview with someone who has personal knowledge of the topic. (A musician, scholar, historian, etc.)

Note: Other than the concert you watch (which is specifically required), the list above includes suggestions of what may make up your four sources. Depending on your topic, you may find other types of sources that are appropriate.

Plagiarism – not properly citing your sources and/or using the work of a peer – will result in an F on this project.

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