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Provide brief responses to selected questions (you don’t have to respond to all of them):
Think of the teams you have worked with, heard about or read about. How have the group dynamics differed in multicultural, bicultural or single-culture teams?
Identify some potential productivity losses caused by faulty process that have occurred in multicultural team you have worked with or observed. How might the team have minimised these problems?
Focus on a multinational political or economic team that s currently in the news (e.g., governments, international organisations, multinational companies). Using a culturally synergistic approach, how would you lead the team? What outcomes would you strive to achieve?
Focus on a multicultural work team that you have been involved. Analyse the underlying cultural values affecting the team’s functioning. How could the team achieve synergy?
Use real-world examples
Raise 1-2 questions that the learning materials have caused you to consider
Relate the content to additional resources you find
Present any ideas or insights that the learning materials have triggered
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