Module 1 Analysis Activity: Biases Comic


Biases Comic: In this activity, you will utilize material from the course and from personal experience to draw a storyboard where several individuals have the same data and come to different conclusions (art mastery not required). Instructions: Based on the readings in the course, the resources at your disposal, and your understandings about the use of models in organizations: Read through the resources below to get an idea on how storyboards are useful in making models. Using the storyboarding canvas, tell a story about several individuals looking at the same source of information (an organizational situation like someone late to a meeting) and coming to different conclusions about that information based on the mental model they are utilizing. Define the mental model each individual is using (if someone is late, they are irresponsible, for example). Identify one questions each individual could have asked to clarify information for their mental model. Submit your storyboard. Activity Resources: “What is a Storyboard and Why Do You Need One?” (Vyond website) “How Do Data Scientists Ask the Right Questions?” Towards Data Science (by References: Lorberfeld, A. (2018, November 2). How do Data Scientists Ask the Right Questions? Medium. Vyond Team on November 11, 2019. (2019, November 11). What is a storyboard and why do you need one? Vyond . This the access to the book in my course as well pdf

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