Media Critic Review & Exercise

For the first page of your paper, read two professional film, music, television or book reviews from the same professional media critic and discuss their approach to reviewing media. What is their tone, style, do they discuss the work first and then their review of the material? What patterns do you see in their review process? Describe what you like about the way they review the material and what you do not like. How could they improve their approach as a reviewer?

For the remaining 3 pages of your paper, select one TV program, one film and one book you have read at anytime in your life and take on the role of a media critic to review the work, one full-page review for each piece of media work.

You will need to introduce the work in the first paragraph of each review, and in the following paragraphs, you will need review the work. You will not get full credit for the assignment if you only summarize what happens in the TV program, film and book for your full-page reviews. You need to take on the role of a media critic and describe what worked well and did not work well within the TV program, film and book. How do these works impact society, culture and have influence on our collective experience?

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