Life and the World

For this assignment compare the differences between the world views of the Puritan writers (such as Rowlandson Winthrop and Bradstreet)and BenjaminFranklin and the differing ways in which they think about becoming a better person and improving society.After comparing draw a conclusion about the way in which American thinking about Life and the World had begun to change by the time of Franklin.Your writing should have THREE parts.One part should focus on one or more Puritan writers: explain the “world view” and thinking processand show evidence from the text to illustratethe discussion.One part should focus onFranklin: explain his “world view “and thinking process and show evidence from his text to illustratethe discussionOne part should draw a conclusion by comparing the two (above) discussions: what does your analysis reveal about the difference between the way they think about the world? explain your conclusionYour writing should be about 350 or so words in length. Remeber to use MLA style clean up and organize your writing and cite your evidence using MLA in-text style.The Readings are Below:***”The Autobiography” Benjamin Franklin pp440-4; 467-514; 531-46; The Way to Wealth pp443-9″Letters from an American Farmer Letter III: What is an American?” J. Hector St. JohndeCrevecoeur pp635-46The Iroquois Constitution:READ: Sections 1.1 1.2 1.3; in Course Documents”The Private Journal of a Journey from Boston to New York” SarahKembleKnight pp610-5″Speech to the Osages” Tecumseh pp994-The assignment is actually due today 2/3/2019 by midnight.THANKS!

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