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There are many models of blended learning environments. Please review the following links to our types of blended learning models on the study guide: Rotation (4 subtypes), Flex, A la carte, and Enriched Virtual by accessing the website listed below. As you review the information, please answer the following questions under each link on the attached study guide.

Lesson 2 Study Guide

Part A


  1. Define the Station Rotation Blended Learning Model:


  1. Other stations in the station rotation model might include what types of learning activities?
  1. What is the “holy grail” of the station rotation model demonstrated by KIPP LA?

https://www.blendedlearning.org/models/ (choose watch video)

Read:Create Small Learning Communities With the Station-Rotation Model


  1. What strategies can you include to foster student ownership using the station rotation model?
  1. Discuss how you would implement station rotation in a remote learning environment.
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