Learning experiences

This discussion has two components (BOTH must be addressed)
Significant learning moment:
Think of a time when you, as an adult, experienced a significant learning moment. The example you choose for this assignment should illustrate a significant learning experience in your life which has helped shape your learning in some way. Describe your experience (note: do not simply list a handful of experiences. Identify one, elaborate, and provide depth). What was the significant learning that took place? Where did this learning take place? Who was involved? What contributed to your learning in this experience? Why was this experience so significant for you?
Formal, informal, and incidental learning:
Reflect on your significant learning experiences as an adult (note: you are not limited to the example you previously addressed). As you think about these experiences, reflect on some of the ways in which adults learn. Specifically, I would like you to think about formal learning, informal learning, and incidental learning. Choose ONE of these ways that we learn which you feel has influenced/ informed your learning the most? Explain and provide specific examples from your life (as an adult) that illustrate the concept you have chosen. For example, have some of your significant learning experiences come from formal learning (e.g. taking a course either online or in the classroom, taking a workshop where you received certification for something, or any other learning experience which took place in a traditional, structured learning context)? Or, have some of your significant learning experiences taken place informally (e.g. trying a new activity or hobby, engaging with peers to share ideas and opinions about a particular topic, or any other experiences which have unfolded in your day-to-day life where learning took place as a result)? Or, have some of your significant learning experiences been the result of incidental learning (e.g. perhaps you worked on a group project and in the process you developed a greater ability to work with diversity, or perhaps you experienced a particular life event which led to a turn of events resulting in some form of unexpected change/ learning in your life, etc.)?

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