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Now that you have compiled your dashboard and participated in discussions regarding its indicators, it is time to prepare a dashboard report. The QOP Community Dashboard report is worth 40 points. You will also record yourself for no more than 10 minutes making a presentation on this report and upload to canvas. This presentation is worth 20 points. The report should have the following outline and length: Introduction (2-3 paragraphs) Demographics (1 page) Labor Market Data (1 page) Workforce Development (1 page) Housing & Healthcare (1 page) Infrastructure (1 page) Digital & Gig Economy (1 page) Quality of Life (1 page) Conclusions (half a page) For the introduction section, synthesize the topic covered during week 1 (fundamentals of community development) arguing why community and economic development are both needed for sustainable development. This discussion should set the stage for the discussion of the indicators. For the sections from demographics through quality of life select 2-3 indicators per topic included in the dashboard and discuss them as they relate to your community. You already have done this if you completed the homework discussions. One criteria you can use to select these 2-3 indicators is how they well the “get together” and tell the story of your community. The key thing I will be looking for and grading in this report is that it needs to “flow”. You need to tell a story. Make efforts to write “transitional” paragraphs wrapping up that section and introducing what will be discussed in the next section. The story needs to successfully incorporate the implications the indicators you selected in a non-fragmented way. Wrap-up the entire report, including the main point, in the conclusion section using bullet points. Report should be no more than 8 pages long, Times New Roman 11, single space. Please include a cover page, table of contents, and references (if applicable). These will not count towards the 8 page limit. Feel free to use graphs but DO NOT exceed the length allocated per section. Upload word document to this assignment module.

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