create a Java program and the output file as indicated below: – Create a program that takes four to eight one-word Strings as a command line arguments, creates/initializes an array of those strings stored in reverse and displays them, shuffles and displays the values, and then sorts the array and displays them alphabetically.
Use the args.length() method to make sure there are at least four command line arguments, but no more than eight. You can also use it to figure out how big to make the array…
Terminal output should look something like this…
java-introcs PeopleShuffleSort Peter Paul Mary Joe Jane
Jane Joe Mary Paul Peter
Paul Jane Mary Joe Peter
Jane Joe Mary Paul Peter
You will use at least THREE loops, each of which goes through the whole array:
Initialize each of the values of the array to it’s REVERSE input position
Shuffle each of the values in the array to a RANDOM position
Sort each value in the array to it’s English ALPHABETIC position
Run the test no less than three times, each with several different values, and then copy the output from ALL sessions from the Terminal window to a PeopleShuffleSortOutput.txt file.

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