Is the character telling the truth or lying to himself and others? Why?

Short Story Literary AnalysisAssignment DescriptionYou will choose either theshort story “Dog Heaven” or “The Swimmer”and write an analysis of the story. You must have a thesis statement in the form of an argument that represents your interpretation of the story and include textual evidence from the story to support your argument. When writing focus on the TELL SHOW SHARE method. First TELL the reader what your argument (claim) is your thesis or topic sentences. Then SHOW the reader your evidence. Evidence begins with text from the story. Finally SHARE and explain what it means. Share something significant about your findings. Explain the So what? Who cares? Why does it matter? aspect of the section you are writing about. What does it mean? What is the point?Be careful not to simply summarize the story. Your job is to interpret the story to find a deeper meaning that is make the implicit explicit within the text and illuminate it for the audience. You are looking for the gaps. What is left unstated in the story? What is missing? You have to look beyond the obvious and discover what the motivating reasons for actions or choices in the story are.s for consideration when analyzing:What motivates the main character? What are the real reasons behind his or her actions or choices?Why does the character act the way they do?Why does the character make the choices they make?Is the character telling the truth or lying to himself and others? Why?What is missing from the story? What are the gaps?What things are significant? Why are they significant? Do they symbolize or represent something?What is the author trying to say through the short story narrative about life human nature or society?What is the conflict in the story (there may be more than one) and how does that conflict reflect a deeper understanding of life human nature or society? (Man vs. Man Man vs. Nature Man vs. Himself Man vs. Society Man vs. another conflict of importance)Consider the larger context (other critics opinions biography history social political and religious). What meaning can you gain from understanding the biography of the author or the history surrounding him or her? What about the social or political context it was written in?Minimum RequirementsLength: 3-4 FULL pages not including the Works Cited page. Style: Essay needs to conform to MLA standards including double spacing in Times New Roman font and must include a Works Cited page with correct in-text (parenthetical) citations for all quotes paraphrases and/or summaries. Sources: No outside source required but you can use some. Even if you choose not to you must cite the short story itself as it is a text under discussion and you will be citing passages from it.IF YOU DO NOT MEET THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS YOU CANNOT EARN HIGHER THAN A 60%Due Dates/Points PossibleWorth: 100 points; 10% of your total gradeFirst Draft/Peer Review: see syllabus for dateSecond Draft: Safe Assign on eCampus by 11:59 PM see syllabus for dateFinal Draft: Safe Assign on eCampus by 11:59 PM see syllabus for datePurpose and Learning ObjectivesThe purpose of this assignment is to practice analysis and critical thinking skills in order to prepare your for the final argumentative research paper. You will look closely at your chosen work in order to pull discover the meaning under the surface. Your job is to look beyond the superficial meaning and understanding of the story in order to form an interpretation of the work. Writing research and eloquent written expression are vital for a successful future. You will express all of these in this assignment.Your literary analysis should demonstrate the following learning objectives:Generate notes and annotateAnalyze and think critically in order to formulate an interpretation in literatureReflect on literatures cultural and political contextsExamine and analyze culture and societySummarize paraphrase and quote correctlyCreate a literary analysis essayCreate documents in MLA styleApply formal academic English in writingProcess of CompletionChoose a short story from the list above and reread or review the story to refresh your memory. Then read over this assignment carefully before beginning!In your Writers Notebook analyze and interpret the short story. You can focus on the plot the characters a conflict or rhetorical device within the work. VisitPurdue OWL Close Readingfor more help.Come up with a thesis that represents your interpretation/analysis.Put together an outline to help organize your ideas.Choose the sections of the story and quotes you want to include in your essay. Be careful you do not focus too much on summarizing but instead focus on analyzing what it all means in relation to your thesis.Write your rough draft using the Tell Show Share Method of paragraph development.Put your essay away for twenty-four hours before revising it for grammar and punctuation mistakes. Visit the English Corner for more help with revision or expanding your ideas.Review your Safe Assign report for plagiarism BEFORE turning in your final draft!Reread your essay one last time and make any final edits or changes before turning in your final!PlagiarismPlagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism includes failing to cite a direct quote with quotation marks and an in-text citation borrowing someone else’s work without a correct citation bad paraphrasing (Safe Assign will not identify a good or fair paraphrase) purchasing a paper having someone else write your essay or turning in the same paper to two different classes. Any paper with plagiarism even accidental (I forgot to cite that!) will receive a zero as a final grade. The best way to avoid plagiarism is to cite correctly. See both MLA citation PPTs on eCampus or visit Purdue OWL for more help.

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