Is it right for us not to disclose to the customer the idea of keeping the same account and just covert it instead of opening a new one?

1. From your personal experience, give an example of a situation you have faced that would require one of the six elements of moral judgment. Which of these six elements are most important and why?

2. At my recent job, I held a position as a Customer Service and Sales Representative for a well-recognized bank. My responsibility was to help customers solve issues and concerns they might have on their accounts, but mainly I was to concentrate on selling them bank products. I started out as a teller and worked my way up to a Sales Rep. As I went through training they instructed us to concentrate on customer service before anything else, but also mentioned that sales were an important part of the position, yet never mentioning that it would be the primary goal. The goal setting level in the bank is determined by the amount of sales the bank needs quarterly. However, these goals differ from the requirements of each individual’s position. There is also a big emphasis on meeting daily sales goals to reach your numbers by the end of the quarter.

As I started working, I realized that it was difficult to meet the daily goals that are expected. The Bank sets goals that are somewhat unrealistic to most of us, particularly because we have the same customers visiting the bank. It is very difficult to sell other products to the same customers since they already have every bank product they need. By the bank setting these high goals, we are pushed to sell to some customers extra checking or savings accounts that sometimes were unnecessary for them to have. Yet, to achieve our goals we encourage them to open the new accounts by saying it would somehow benefit them. I am not pleased with doing this, since we could easily just convert the existing product to the new one without having to open another account for them. The customers have more trouble keeping track of all these other extra accounts rather than just keeping the existing ones with the new benefits. However, not selling them the new products sometimes makes it impossible to meet our sales goal for the quarter.

1. Is it ethical for the bank to keep raising our goals and expect that we keep selling these extra accounts that customers might not really need?

2. What are the ethical issues facing the company?

3. Is it right for us not to disclose to the customer the idea of keeping the same account and just covert it instead of opening a new one?

4. Should I give into the pressure of the company to meet the company’s goal? What should I do?

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