International Business Strategy – Discussion of core theories, with focus on Porter’s 5 Forces

The uni website is down so I can’t give you supporting documents or the full brief right now. That said, this assignment is very straightforward. When the website is back up I can provide you with all the relevant lecture slides and can suggest references to make this much easier for you.

We are given the choice to write about one of three perspectives listed below. I would prefer if you write about porters 5 forces, but if you feel you can produce a better piece of work by writing about one of the others that is fine.

3 Perspectives:
-Industry Structure (Porter)
-Resource Based View
-Institutional Theory

-Background to theory
-Main principles / outline of theory
-Relate to key concepts:
-Integration-responsiveness framework
-Foreign entry mode selection
-International market selection
-Critical analysis of theory
-Comparative analysis against the other 2 perspectives

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