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5-6 Academic Papers: Google Scholar, Academic search premier, Econlit

At least 5 pages of writing, any references, tables and graphs/figures come after 5 pages.

Properly cited (plagiarism check on that)

Federal Reserve  (Federal Reserve and 12 Federal Reserve Banks)

  1. What is inflation targeting and its Framework? What are some international experiences with it? Talk about the challenges they faced? (1.5 pages)
  2. Benefits and Drawbacks (how the economy reacts to out when it is adopted, what about fluctuations, ….) (2 pages)

Inflation Targeting in Canada, New Zealand and UK

Francisco Working Paper 2006-09.

Hammond, Gill. 2012. State of the Art of Inflation Targeting. Centre for Central Banking Studies Handbook 29, Bank

of England.

Rudebusch, Glenn D. and Lars E.O. Svensson. 2002. “Eurosystem Monetary Targeting: Lessons from U.S. Data.”European Economic Review 46(3), pp. 417–442.

Rudebusch, Glenn D., and Carl E. Walsh. 1998. “U.S. Inflation Targeting: Pro and Con.” FRBSF Economic Letter1998-18 (May 29).


Svensson, Lars E.O. 2010. “Inflation Targeting.”In Handbook of Monetary Economics, vol. 3B, eds. BenjaminFriedman and Michael Woodford. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

  1. The US experience with it? how was it adopted and its recent experience in US (1-2 pages)

Recently, there has been an argument to revise the inflation target (read on that).

How Did We Get to Inflation Targeting andWhere Do We Need to Go to Now?

A Perspective from the U.S. Experience

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