In what ways did the filmmakers use film(the elements and techniques)to create that moment?

Exploring cinematic language inFruitvaleStationFocus onone stand-out moment/scenein the film (try to choose a moment that personally moved you).Analyze yourstand-outmomentbased on the following:Whatis the moment/scene about? What is the purpose of the moment within the context of the movie’s overall story?(Consider both the explicit and implicit meaningof themoment/scene)Whatdo I understand about the characters thoughts and emotions within thatmoment/scene?How did the moment/scene make me feel?In what ways did the filmmakers use film(the elements andtechniques)to create thatmoment? (Describe in your words 1-2 film techniques you can see/figure out that made this moment stand out.)Feel free to compose your journal entry in any format you prefer. Be sure to addressthe four steps in your journal exploration. (target 200 words)Link to movie:

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