In a short memorandum, explain Beth’s rights under a delivery.

June is the busiest month for weddings. As a fl orist, Extravagant Flowers, Inc. always searches for the freshest fl owers. Extravagant Flowers orders a shipment of “birds of paradise,” an exotic fl ower from Caribbean Importers located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Extravagant receives confi rmation that Caribbean Importers shipped the fl owers on June 12 with delivery in Miami on June 16. Th e shipment never arrives in Miami. Is Extravagant Flowers responsible to pay Caribbean Importers for the birds of paradise? Would your response change if Caribbean Importers contacted Extravagant and indicated that a hurricane in the Atlantic destroyed the shipment? (Focus only on the shipping issues.)



Beth wants to buy 50 plain wood picture frames for her business. She paints and specially decorates the frames for sale in her business. Frameland Manufacturers receives the order for the 50 frames. Th e terms of the delivery are C.O.D. Beth is concerned about this because what if she does not like the frames or what if they are damaged. In a short memorandum, explain Beth’s rights under a delivery, which is C.O.D.

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