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This course requires use of new Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). . Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details

3 sources required

4 pages / 1100 words

Developing Your Team

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In this section, you will introduce what your paper is about. An introduction sets the stage for the topics your paper will discuss. Start by thinking about the question(s) you are trying to answer. Provide information about the company you are choosing to discuss for this assignment. Your introduction should conclude with your topic sentence. A topic sentence is a concise summary of the main topics of your paper, typically written as one sentence. For this paper, there are three main topics, so be sure to include them all in your topic sentence.

Creating a Diverse Team with Different Strengths

In this section, you are asked to explain how you could create a diverse team of employees with different strengths. We talked about diversity in Week 8 in our class. What were your thoughts on workplace diversity and its importance to a company’s culture and performance? Think about the steps or actions you would take to bring diversity to your company. Think about the strengths you would want your employees to have, such as attention to detail, good communication, excellent people skills, and so on. (You may want to refer to Assignment 1 where you discussed employee characteristics.) Then discuss how you find people with those characteristics. Use scenarios (examples) to convey your ideas.

Methods to Improve Team Dynamics and Employee Behaviors

In this section, you are asked to discuss methods you would adopt to improve team dynamics and employee behaviors. You can start off by talking about what team dynamics are, then go into discussing why a positive team dynamic is important. Discuss the team dynamics you want in your workplace and how you might ensure that those dynamics are in place. We talked about team work in Week 7. What are some of the things you discussed that you would put in place to help your employees be a better team? Sometimes to have a positive team dynamic, you need to give employees some guidance on what is expected of them and how they should behave at work. This can be done with various control systems – guidelines, procedures, rules, and so on. We talked about control systems in Week 9. What are some of the controls you might put in place to help your employees perform well as a team?

Two Management Techniques to Align Team Behaviors to the Company Mission

In this section, discuss two (2) management techniques you would implement to ensure that your new team aligns to your company’s mission. You can begin talking about a company’s mission and it’s importance. If employees don’t know the company mission statement, they may not understand the importance of their work or how what they do fits in the grand scheme of things. Reflect on all the aspects of management we have learned about and discussed in our class. As a leader in your firm, what are the actions you would take with your employees to help them understand the mission and vision of your company?


In this section, you will wrap everything up that you have in your paper.  A conclusion summarizes the main points in your paper. For this paper, there are three main topics, so be sure to include them all in your conclusion.


This is where you list all of the resources you have used in your paper. Be sure to cite ideas you are using from your resources. Be sure to put direct quotes in quotation marks. Each source listed should have at least one citation in the body of your paper. Follow proper SWS formatting for listing your sources and citations

Additional Tips for a Good Paper

  1. Delete all of the wording in this template before submitting your paper. The information provided is simply to help you get a good understanding of the assignment topics and get a headstart on each section.
  2. When you have completed your work, it is helpful to save the file with a different name such as BUS302 Assignment 3. This will help to prevent submitting the assignment template by mistake.
  3. The paper should 3-5 pages long. If you discuss each of the three assigned topics – creating a diverse team, improving team dynamics, and aligning behaviors with the company mission – in at least one page each, you will meet the length requirement.
  4. Use headers, like the ones in this template, to help you organize your thoughts and focus on what the assignment is asking.
  5. Always include a title page and page numbers. All papers must be submitted in a Word file.
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