I need a city report. Compare an American megacity to an Asian megacity about how to respond to the pandemic

City Report
You will compare an American megacity to an Asian megacity about how to respond to the pandemic. What are the differences between American megacities and Asian megacities regarding dealing with the epidemic? If they are different, what makes it different? Any comparisons will be acceptable. However, any criticism or compliment without evidence will not be suitable for your paper.
Under the pandemic situation, you will compare two selected megacities, including large cities (one in America and one in Asia) with the political system of nations (democratic or undemocratic country), economy, cultural perspectives, technologies, medical systems, media, politics, and so on. The use of background knowledge in Asian megacities will be quite helpful when writing the final essay.
The number one rule of this essay is the APA format. You should have the correct APA format (Table and figure title, location, bibliography, and so on).
You will need to pick one megacity in America and one megacity in Asia.

# Direction

You will need to have correct references to support your arguments.
You will need to create at least a table or graph to support your arguments.
You will need to find and analyze a data to support your arguments.
Figures, graphs, and tables should have titles in proper locations (see APA format).
Figures, graphs, and tables should be located between text and need to be explained.
Your essay should be APA format.
Your paper should be a minimum of 5 pages and no more than 10 pages, excluding the title page and reference list pages. Figures, graphs, and tables will be counted as regular pages.
As will all assignments for this class, a rubric will be used to grade the assignment relative to the focus and introduction to the paper, development of the research, written material, charts, maps, and other evidence presented, style and format, and strength of arguments made.

# A list of Megacities

A list of American Megacities: Chicago (Illinois), Los Angeles (California), New York City (New York State) and the metropolitan area of Washington-Baltimore (Washington DC – Maryland).
Asia: China, (Beijing & others), Japan (Tokyo), South Korea, (Seoul), or Other countries’ megacities (or large cities) including Taipei, Taiwan
Please find more Asian megacities in online if you want to write other Asian megacities (or large cities).

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