To assist students in achieving the above learning objectives, learning activities will culminate in a research proposal due at the end of the semester. Research proposals may focus on issues discussed in-class. Students must choose a topic, have the topic approved by the Professor and prepare a research proposal to study a particular current event / criminal justice issue. Research proposals must include the following sections; 1) an introduction of the issue(s) at hand; 2) a review of the relevant literature; 3) a discussion of potential source(s) of data; 4) a plan for sampling and collecting the necessary data; 5) a plan to analyze the data, and; 6) a discussion of the policy implications of this research proposal.


All assignments should be typed, double-spaced, and in size 12 Times New Roman font. If you need assistance with any part of any assignment, contact the instructor immediately. (Never after or the day before an assignment is due!) All assignments are outlined in detail in their respective folders


Reference list:
You may only use official and academic sources of information – academic journals, academic books, or organizational/government data.
You may NOT use Wikipedia or non-official websites, and your sources should be unbiased.

You must have at least three academic references. You may only use academic sources to reach this quota – books, journal articles, organizational websites. You may NEVER cite Wikipedia or any other non-official website. You may use newspapers or other media content, but only AFTER your academic source quota has been met. You must cite every source within the text of the paper, and include every source on your reference page.
Spelling, grammar, and writing style DO count.
This paper must include the following
I. Title page
II. Literature Review
III. Discussion
IV. Methods ( sample, procedure, measure)
V. Analysis
VI. Implications.

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