Human Resources Experience Required: Develop Compensation Strategy for Notional Organization


■Design a compensation (salary + benefits = compensation) system for a hypothetical organization ■Develop the organizational structure with at least 5 positions (Provide organizational chart) –Use Key/benchmark positions to determine the structure (see attached spreadsheet as a sample of benchmarking….do not use data within sample) –Use salary data from to establish the salaries for benchmark positions – Spreadsheet needs to incorporated as a table or annex in paper ■Outline the organizational objectives or the organizational strategy ■Analyze one position in the organization using the Bureau of Labor Statistics-National Compensation Survey: Guide for Evaluating Your Firm’s Jobs and Pay (Links to an external site.) • or Analyze one position in the organization using the OPM Introduction to Position Classification Standards ■Outline where the position would fall within your organization ■Discuss the compensation strategy in terms of Pay for Performance, Expectancy Theory, Tournament Theory, or any other motivational theory of performance covered during the course Please ask for clarification if these directions are not complete or unclear. Lastly, I need one (or two) power point slide that overviews the whole paper.

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