How to make robots pass your resume onto the hiring a manager

1 pageThis weeks theme of Drafting Resume and Cover Letters is arguably the most relevant and useful form of writing we will explore in this course as graduation nears but somehow this genre simultaneously remains the most overlooked. There is something intimidating about having to sell yourself off of two required generic pieces and therefore becomes avoided and neglected. In the article How to make robots pass your resume onto the hiring manager Jill Cornfield discusses how AI is used for talent recruiting by extracting the available data on resumes to find the best candidates for that specific role. “Machine learning can cherry-pick and rapidly learn from the employer how to do a lookalike search” so it is best to use straightforward language not have any spelling or grammatical errors with an up- to- date format. In the article How To Fix The Student Resume Problem Troy Markowitz talks about the value of a resume. He calls the piece of paper a medium between the skills students acquire throughout school and the employers seeking qualified candidates for open positions. However its forcing employers to judge a book by its cover which leaves them without the invaluable skills that students gain throughout their academic career.Here are the two texts: :How can hiring managers determine the right candidate based on details in a resume?

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