How many showers and toilets should be provided?

A. company employs 350 people, 105 of whom are women. One quarter of the employees work in conditions in which they need to shower and change clothes before leaving work. How many showers and toilets should be provided?
b. The same company has a cafeteria that serves lunch. There is only one lunch shift, and approximately 90% of the employees eat in the cafeteria. How much space should be provided for the kitchen and the lunchroom?
c. Design parking lots for each of the following conditions for the same company if 75% of the employees drive to work. Include all dimensions. First, use 90° parking spaces, and then use 60° parking spaces. Finally, consider 40% of the cars to be small cars requiring a space 1 foot less in length standard. Use either a 60° or a 90° arrangement.

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