How many phases will the project have and address the timelines?

PWW: WBR IT Scenario – SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Background Information:You are completing your internship at IT Innovators in Sydney. The company specialises in Software Development. Your mentor has met with a client who is interested in developing a website for his business. Your mentor needs 3 graduates to work on this project. He divided the 6 interns into 2 groups and asked each group to separately write a proposal in a business report format on how to approach the project. He will then have a look at both reports and then select one group only to work on this exciting opportunity. Project Brief: Objective: To develop an interactive and responsive E – Commerce website selling automobile spare parts. Website Functions: Creating user profiles, shopping carts, purchase history, payment gateway. You may also suggest other functions. Tools: Your mentor has left this section blank for you to decide on the best software, language you will use. 2 Task: – Discuss the scenario with your group members – Come up with a strategy on how to approach this project e.g. methodology, agile project management – Discuss the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) – Address some of the challenges you might face and what would be your risk mitigation plan: ? Consider the security related issues and client data ? Privacy concerns ? Where would you host the website? Client server? The cloud? – Come up with some options – Suggest recommendations to your mentor TIPS: – Think of your stakeholder engagement strategy – You may include flowcharts and any SDLC related approach to explain what you will be doing – How many phases will the project have and address the timelines? – What programming language and web development technology would you use? – Pros and cons of each option you suggest, and costing involved.

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