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Policy Analysis Project: Written Report Assignment Instructions Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to assist you in completing your policy analysis report, which means you have to decide which alternative you are going to recommend to your client. Your decision is based on your finished matrix and what you have learned as you have progressed through the Eightfold Path process. You should now have a finished report ready to begin thinking about your oral and visual presentation next week. Assignment: Continuing with the topic you chose in Module 2: Week 2, your matrix is now complete, and you are now ready to make your recommendation known to the client in your written report. Following the Policy Analysis Report template, write the remaining sections (Recommendation, Biblical Worldview, and Executive Summary), review carefully the sections you have already written, tighten up any remaining loose ends, and insert your final version of the Project the Outcomes matrix into Appendix A. Requirements: The policy analysis report will follow the Policy Analysis Report Template and will be scored by the Policy Analysis Report Grading Rubric. Additional paper formatting information is also listed in the template and should be followed as well (i.e., font, spacing, APA, etc.). The template serves as your guide for completing the required elements for this entire assignment. You will submit a well-written report comprising at least 1,750 words and at least 6 authoritative sources (3 being peer-reviewed, empirical journal articles written within the past 5 years) following current APA formatting requirements for any in-text citations and sources listed in your report and special formatting requirements as found in the Policy Analysis Report template. title of the report centered, boldface, and in all caps Executive Summary (Provide a brief summary of the entire analysis and is at least 500 words) Statement of the Issue/Problem: (Phrase the topic as a question that requires a decision. This question can be as short as one sentence.) Policy Problem: Shortened Title (In this section, you will attempt to define the problem and give background information about how the problem has come about. The problem definition is written first but will be edited as the analysis develops.) Evidence or Pre-existing Policies (In this section you will attempt to provide evidence of the problem that has been provided from other research or depending on your topic, you may discuss pre-existing policies that have been tried in the past.) Policy Options: (Based on the evidence or pre-existing policies, delineate the possible courses of action or inaction that your organization may pursue. Please provide the decision maker with at least three potential courses of action. According to the Eightfold Path this section would incorporate steps 3 – 6) Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Policy Option: (Write this section from the perspective of the entity that you represent. For clarity, you may present the pros and cons of the options in bullet points or outline format.) Biblical Worldview Perspective: (What principles found in scripture could relate or should be considered when selecting your recommendation. This section would be important to consider if you are providing an analysis for a Christian organization, however it is good to think about such topics for your own benefit.) Your Recommendation: (After prioritizing the relative pros and cons of the above options, please recommend one option to your client and explain why.) Sources Consulted or Recommended: (This is essentially an annotated bibliography in the event that the decision maker has the interest and time to read up on a specific issue. Please provide a one to three sentence description and evaluation of each source listed in this section. Additional information (not to be included in the final report): Formatting ⦁ Single spacing throughout ⦁ Headings in bold; subheadings indented and italicized ⦁ In-text citations and sources will follow current APA formatting ⦁ Paragraph spacing should be set to 6 before and after ⦁ Font: New Times Roman 12 pt ⦁ Each page numbered and centered at the bottom ⦁ Left justification with no paragraph indents ⦁ 1” margins ⦁ Remove header in final form Scholarship ⦁ No less than 1,750 words ⦁ At least six authoritative sources are required ⦁ At least three of them are peer-reviewed, empirical journal articles, written within the past five years ⦁ Remove (explanation about each heading in final form) Include your Project the Outcomes Matrix as Appendix A

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