How does policy affect our population?


I have two Youtube presentations {You may have to cut and paste into your browser} and a reading assignment to help guide you in your thinking about how policy changes through social work advocacy can promote advance in vulnerably populated communities. Review the attached YouTube presentations and reading selection. Answer the following questions. Locate and name one specific Social welfare policy that is either currently supportive of the ” Populations we serve at Risk” or current policy that is currently in the development/ review phase. Presented a detailed explanation of why this policy is important, how it will develop positive change. Refer to the YouTube presentations and reading assignment to think about how systems and advocates ensure that the concerns of the underserved populations are heard. What can we do to make practical changes that improve our community through policy? {This one is very important although it may take some time to watch, please don’t miss this!} Caputo2011 Chapter PolicyChallengesAhead.pdf (This is extra reading, not mandatory, but useful)

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