How do you visualize the stories.


1. 5-page essay in which you compare and contrast representations of poverty and/or diversity and/or American culture as they are represented in two films. Both of these two films must be an assigned class film. (Precious,WInter’s Bone,Midnight Cowboy,Choose two of them)

2. You want to examine not only the narrative aspects of the films (the story they tell) but also their technical aspects (how they visualize the stories). The paper should present a clear thesis statement that sets forth your argument about the connection between these films. The body of the essay should be clearly organized and should employ film terminology accurately and effectively.You must provide supporting evidence from two films and at least two of the required course readings that discuss the films and/or the broader themes.You are not required to do additional research outside of readings assigned for this class, but you can choose to do so if you think it will strengthen your argument. If you refer to sources outside of class they must be clearly cited in MLA style.

3.Papers should be 5 double-spaced pages, or approximately 1250-1500 words. Please use MLA-style formatting and documentation (parenthetical citations) for paraphrased and quoted material.

4.Please make sure that your words and ideas are your own and that all material from sources is properly quoted and cited.

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