How do general and local anaesthetics work?


What is it?

An essay explores a topic and reaches a conclusion. Essays contain a central argument which is your answer to the question. This argument must be based on reliable evidence (research) and be supported throughout your essay. You must write in paragraphs. You can use a title and subheadings to help you structure your essay if you wish.


How do I write it?

For this essay, you need to choose a topic that you have learned about in this subject. Write yourself some possible questions you could explore and choose one that you can find plenty of information about. You will need to form an argument and explore different points of view to arrive at a conclusion.

You will need to explore how the anatomy and physiology interact with each other. You will also need to relate the topic information to how it can be used in your clinical aesthetic work.

Make sure you narrow down your topic to something very specific – 1500 words is not a lot! For example, if you thought of the endocrine system, ask yourself: What part? Hormone or organ? What effect? Where?


Step 1: Highlight the key words in the assessment question.

Step 2: Once you have done your reading and research, divide 1500 words into how many paragraphs/main points you will need (approx. 7-8 paragraphs, so 5-6 main points plus introduction and conclusion).


Suggested structure:

Paragraph 1: Introduction

Paragraph 2: Explain key terms and how they interact with each other in relation to your topic.

Paragraphs 3-6: Explore your argument and try to express different points of view about it. What is the accepted point of view? Is it debated or widely agreed upon? Give evidence from research.

Paragraph 7: Explain how you can apply this information to your clinical aesthetic work (or how you will do this in the future, if you are not already working in the industry).

Paragraph 8: Conclusion

Reference list


Please note: Your information needs to come from reliable academic sources and be referenced correctly. You will need approximately 6-8 references for a 1500 word assessment. You can use more if you wish.

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