Hot Spots & Adventure!

This has 2 parts.

Upon successful completion of this exercise, you will have completed Learning Objectives in Modules 10-13. This discussion focuses on current events and applying what’s happening in the world today and how it might affect sourcing of textiles and apparel.

1. Posting–Practical: Adventure! Recommended that you post at least a few days before the due date so everyone has time to respond–this part is super easy.

Assume you are ready for a global adventure and are seeking a job in which you could be employed at least part of the time in a foreign country. You will be involved in textiles and apparel sourcing. And it doesn’t matter if you know the language or not; you’ll learn it while you are there or they may speak English.

Create A Chart

Which of the data presented in Tables 9.2, 10.2, 11.2 and 12.2 in your textbook would help you in deciding the countries you might like to consider? Select your top three statistics (now your criteria for selecting a country) from the tables. THINK! We’re talking about your livelihood, safety and development!
Now, can you think of 2 additional kinds of information–anything from anywhere– you’d like to know about a country that are not included in the above tables? Anything! That’s a total of 5 criteria you would use to help you decide which countries are best.
Scan the postings so far and be sure that you select at least one country that hasn’t been selected so far. Select 3 countries; you may only choose from the Hot Spots in the World/Current Events countries (see the list below). The goal here is to have all the countries listed below selected at least one time.
Create a chart with the 5 criteria across the top and the three countries you chose down the left side of the chart.
Fill in the chart with the data for each country. Find the information you don’t have.
Highlight the country that looks the best to you based on the data in the chart.
Post the chart. Chart must be visible in the discussion. Do not attach anything as a file.
Explain why each of those 5 criteria are important to you. What difference do they make?

2. Reply: Current Events: But do your really want to go there?

Go look at the other charts created by students.
Select a student who does not already have a reply and whose chart interests you.
Evaluate the highlighted country and comment–if this country has already been evaluated, then select one of the other two. Use the Journal: Hot Spots/Current Events created earlier.
Post links to 3 new current events. Give a one sentence summary of each current event.
How safe is it for an American to visit? Check the State Department website for travelers.
Is it a hot spot (meaning it might be too ‘hot’ to visit)?
Comment on the criteria selected and how useful it was…what else would have been helpful to know?
If you have personal knowledge of the country, feel free to comment about what is happening in the country.
What would be fun to do in that country in your free time?
What kinds of challenges exist in living in this country?
Include a map showing where it is located; map must be visible in the discussion.
Make a conclusion. Do you believe this country is a good or maybe not-so-good choice for an adventure–and why! Remember that people travel all over the world from DFW on business every day. Think about what sourcing personnel care about: currency, political stability, labor force, etc.

List of Countries:

Dominican Republic
El Salvador
South Korea
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom

Mauritius, Madagascar…there may be other countries listed that I missed from the Journal.

Good work, good information and good thinking may result in bonus points! Be brief, be bright, be done!

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