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Reports due Thursday, December 3.

I believe the Cover Page has to be 1 page, if you could help me make it seem professional and follow the following instructions and break down, I would highly appreciate it!

Cover Page (4 points): Type a Cover Page: Include your names, class (BUSA 7: Crn #), date, and company name (home depot). Also, include some type of graphic that depicts the company products, slogan/logo.





Company name, logo, slogan




Team members names, class, date, instructor




Creativity, Professionalism




1.This can be written in the following pages:

Company Introduction (16 points):

1. History of the company: Include Original founder, Company location, how did they begin, a summary of significant events/activities that shaped the company throughout the years, etc.

2. Description of the Company’s product or service, how do they generate their main revenues?

3. Industry and competition What industry are they in? Who are the competitors? What is their position or market share in their industry?

4. Size and Location of company: Sales dollars, # of employees, number of divisions or stores and locations; do they have companies in other countries? Where?

5. Anything else you found interesting about your company. Pretend I have never heard about your company, what would be interesting to know if I was considering buying stock or working for your company? Once you have gathered information about your company, write a summary of your introduction.

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