Have you or are you involved with a company?

Paper instructions

For this assignment, answer 2 questions for each article. and half page for each article.

First article: https:
First article’s questions:
1. Have you or are you involved with a company which has or had a mentoring role and if so, were you able to participate in some compacity.
2. Do you think with our current work from home situation the formalized mentoring programs will take on a new form of sorts and if so, what might that look like?

Second article:
Second article’s questions:
1. Does the organization you work for currently have a mentoring program? If so, which type of mentoring relationships that are stated in the article are involved. If not, do you think a program of such would benefit your organization? Why or why not?
2. Which two of the “Five Skills for Effective Mentoring” do you think are most valuable?

Half page per article, answer as much as possible, more if you want!

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