Global project management environment

Activity Type
This is a Case Study Analysis to be done individually. Refer to the case in Appendix A, titled “A Day in the Life.”
This case provides students an opportunity to identify how rapid changes in the global project management environment, innovation and market conditions can impact how projects are managed, and to apply their understanding of the technical and socio-cultural dimensions of project governance.
Required Materials
Refer to Case # 1.1 in your Textbook (Larson & Gray), p. 20: A Day in the Life [Appendix A]
Unit Assignment # 1 Questions
Based on your understanding of the technical and sociocultural dimensions of project management, how effective do you think Rachel spent her day? Identify at least five characteristics/functions of project management that Rachel displayed to support your answer.
Project governance is designed to improve project management in the whole organization over the long haul. Competing in a global market influenced by rapid change, innovation, and time to market means organizations manage more and more projects simultaneously. Some means for coordinating and managing projects in this changing environment is needed. Centralization of project management processes and practices has been the practical outcome. For example, Google, Apple, General Electric, and Sony all have over 1,000 projects being implemented concurrently every year across borders and different cultures.
How do these organizations oversee the management of all these projects?
How are these projects selected?
How do they ensure performance measurement and accountable?

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