Gender discrimination

In this essay, you are
arguing against
views that you disagree with. Choose a social or political
issue that is currently subject to public debate and disagreement. This issue you choose must be
different from the issues you wrote your previous essays on.
Determine what appear to be the most
common arguments and points made to support one side
of the issue. Spend 2

3 pages of the article fairly explaining those arguments and points. Then,
spend 2

3 pages critically analyzing those arguments and points in order to demonstrate why
they are wron
For example,
if the issue is abortion, you could identify and explain the strongest arguments in
favor of the legality of abortion. Then, you could critically analyze those arguments and show
why arguments in favor of the legality of abortion do not ho
ld up to scrutiny. Alternatively, you
could identify and explain the strongest arguments in favor of making abortion illegal. Then, you
could critically analyze those arguments and show why arguments in favor of making abortion
illegal do not hold up to sc
Essay Guidelines
Each essay needs an
introductory paragraph
. This paragraph briefly introduces your subject to
the reader, and it ends with your
thesis statement
. The thesis is the point that you are trying to get
across with your essay. The entire essay can be
seen, in a sense, as support
for your thesis;
anything in th
e essay that does not help support
your thesis is not relevant and should not be
included in yo
ur essay. Also, the essay should end with a
paragraph that reiterates
your thesis, and summarizes what you’ve said in your paper to support your thesis. The
conclusion paragraph should contain no new points.
your own words.
When using resea
rch, q
uotes should be sparingly used. They
appropriate to accentuate a particular point, p
articularly if a writer’s
words are themselves unique
particularly well

constructed, and they can be necessary as textual evidence to support your
account. But
o not rely on quotes to do the work of sum
marizing and explaining.
Remember that your essay is a composition. Pay attention to the presentation of points. Be sure
that each paragraph logically follows from what precedes it. (And be sure that each parag
has one clearly identifiable topic.) The essay should read like one organic whole, not like a series
of parts.
Be careful not to assume unreasonable
prior knowledge on the part of the reader of your essay.
All sources
must be identified by a works
cited page, and eac
h time you refer to a source or rely
upon ideas from a
source, you must cite that use, including specific page numbers if applicable,
in the text of the essay where you are using that source. If you use an outside source and do not
do th
ese two things, the paper will either not be counted as credit for the assignment, or it will
receive a low grade. Furthermore, the paper may be seen as an example of plagiarism

someone else’s work and passing it off as your own

and will receive
a “0” and may result in
further disciplinary actions. (You may use whatever style of citation you wish; the point is that
you always give credit to your sources and that you give the reader the information necessary to
review your sources should she or he
desire to do so.)
Always remember to use sufficient detail in explaining points. Do not raise a point that needs
explanation or discussion without subsequently explaining/discussing it.
Within philosophy, the first

person voice is commonly used, so you
may use the first

voice in this essay if you wish.
Pay attention to grammar and spelling at all times.

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