Free Trade Liberalism vs. Neo-Marxism: Theories and Comparative Evidence


please read the term paper guidelines correctly because my professor is super demanding and strict. So there is 4 core parts in the essay that you find in the guidelines.
b) Theories: In this part you would have to Academic sources ONLY.
c)Empirical cases : where you would have to only use official websites ONLY. For example world bank, world trade organization and vice versa.
d) table
e) comparison
The references for these websites must include the date of access.

Paper structure:
1.The introduction must end with a road map (i.e “section 1… section 2..etc) -> the SUBHEADINGS throughout then follow this road map.
2. In the conclusion, the theories and the two empirical cases are brought back together to determine the degree of explanation by anyone theory for the two policy areas.

Acceptable sources
1. THEORIES must be based on ACADEMIC REFERENCES -> use “snowball effect” with the literature at the end of the respective chapters.
2.THE EMPIRICAL DATA for the 2 case studies must come from OFFICIAL WEBSITES ONLY.
Example: world trade organization, world bank,International Monetary fund, individual governments) THE FULL LINK MUST BE PROVIDED FOR EACH AS WELL AS THE DATE ACCESS.

ONLY CHICAGO STYLE IS ACCEPTABLE. (either footnotes or with in text brackets and bibliography)
-> this style demands (a range of) paper numbers for academic sources
-> format must be applied correctly
-> all sources you use must be referenced within your text
-> absence of your sources in-text constitutes PLAGIARISM.

Thank you for helping me in short notice
I really appreciate it

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