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Please follow the directions below, and use the proper format. Make sure you proofread your paper prior to turning it in. Looking forward to hearing your input. Don’t forget to utilize, cite, and list 2 outside resources.

Good leadership and management are important to help an organization to be successful. We will discover the characteristics of each, the differences between them, and explore the effective performance model.

For this project, you will write a 3-5 page essay. This is an upper-division writing class; assessment is on the content of your paper, grammar, and composition.

Your written paper must be three full pages in length, not counting a separate page for your reference list. You must have at least two references in addition to any reference from the text or instructor’s presentation (narrated power points).
Be sure to follow the proper format for the paper.
Be sure to submit your paper via Canvas by the due date and time.

Leadership / Management Theory & Styles –

Review the “Four Generations of Leadership Styles” (Behavioral Theories, Contingency, and Situational Theories, and Modern Theories). Trait Theory is obsolete. Then consider the four major “eras” of management theory and style, Classic Era, Behavioral Era, Human Relations Era, and Modern Era.

Compare and contrast leadership and management
Decide what the best overall approach to leadership is for you in your future career. Explain why this theory is right for you over the others and how you will influence others. Hint: Do NOT choose “Trait Theory
As you look forward to your future career (regardless of your FSU Major), what management theory and style do you think will work best for you? Make sure it fits your leadership style as well.

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