Forensic Nursing (Research paper)

Format: APA

sources: 4

Pages: 4

powerpoint slides:

Spacing: Double spaced

Topic: NSG 420 Nursing in the Community

Details: Assignment #1 Forensic Nursing (Research paper)
Directions: When you are answering the questions provided below, please write like this is a research paper. Follow APA format and do not forget to cite references.
1. What is the role of the Forensic Nurse in healthcare?
2. Is there a difference between the roles of Forensic Nurse and SANE Nurse? If not Why? If so, what is the difference?
3. How does their scope of practice differ from a unit nurse or does it?
4. What knowledge, critical thinking, behaviors does a Forensic Nurse need to have? How does this differ from a unit nurse or does it?
5. Provide three (3) questions you would like to ask a Forensic Nurse in person to gain clarity and knowledge.

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