*** This is BIology for Mississppi, example and also template is enclosed*** Explanation: You are to create a 5 day Teacher Intern Assessment Instrument (TIAI) unit (5 lesson plans) with a Teacher Work Sample (TWS) to accompany it. This will also include a pre and post assessment. The topic and grade level should be based on the area in which you are seeking licensure. Please use the following directions and scoring guides for this assignment based on whether you are considered elementary or secondary. It should be submitted via Canvas as Microsoft Word documents. TIAI – Unit Contents (This is a list of what should be included in the TIAI)Preview the document TIAI Lesson Plan Grading Criteria Form.docPreview the document TIAI – Scoring Guide (This is the evaluation tool that your DSU supervisor will use when he/she comes to observe you teach during your internship. The first part of this deals specifically with your lesson plans.Preview the document Templates you will need (You will have to download them to your computer first before typing): TWS Elementary-Education TemplatePreview the document TWS SECONDARY Template.docxPreview the document Lesson Plan Template-1.docPreview the document Examples of TWS and TIAI: TWS – Elementary Example (Does not include lesson plans or attachments)Preview the document Parts of a Plant Excellent Lesson Plan Example 2 F14 Kassidy.pdfPreview the document TWS – Sonya Storey – Model Example.docxPreview the document Your topic for the TIAI and TWS needs to be from 1 subject area – example: science. Then, you need to choose a topic that aligns to the standards in the state in which you will be teaching this coming school year. If you are going to be teaching in Mississippi, then you need to use the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards (MDE website). If you are going to be teaching in another state, then you can use the standards from that state. Your topic can be anything you will be teaching this coming school year. For example, your topic might be “plants” if you are going to be a science teacher. After you choose your topic, you will write 5 lesson plans on that particular topic. This will be the 5 day unit (TIAI) on plants or whatever your topic is. You will only teach one subject (example: science) but you will need to integrate the other subject areas (math, social studies, reading, art, etc…) into your lessons. For example: If the first day of your unit is on the parts of a plant then you might read your students a story about plants and that would be integrating reading into your lesson. The TIAI unit consists of 5 lesson plans (one for each day of the week for one class period each day) for a single subject area (math, science, social studies, language arts/reading, art, or P.E./health) and a single topic that is broad enough for you to develop 5 different lessons plans on it. Your TIAI needs to include your 5 lesson plans, a pre and post assessment, and the attachments for each lesson. Attachments are the materials you will use to accompany your lesson plans. Examples of attachments: PowerPoint presentation, pictures, graphic organizers, assessments with answer keys. The TWS is what you will develop AFTER you write your 5 TIAI lesson plans. It is a document that has you think/write about the various components of instruction and assessment that all good teachers think about and plan for when they are teaching. There are 8 components of the TWS but you will only complete the first 4 in this course. The directions, scoring guide, and an example are posted for you above.

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