Find supplier with an average price greater than $30.

.Data Integration:

•Be sure to type each query (e.g. customername) versus a direct copy and paste into the SQL tool. When a query is copied and pasted, it may not work due to a format issue. If you do not know what each statement means, please refer to

•For each question, copy and paste both the query and screen shot of the results page (see example in question one).

a.Show first names and last names of employees in the database. See example below.

b.Find the average price for each supplier.

c.Find supplier with an average price greater than $30.
d.Find suppliers with an average price greater than $30 with supplier IDs greater than four. Then sort the SupplierIDs in descending order.

e.Pull all the attributes of the product with product ID greater than 6, categoryID equal to 3, and price greater than $15 from the products table.

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