Financial statement case assignment

Please read the General Info and Instructions for the Financial Statement Case assignments carefully before starting. There are 20 questions all together and they are each short cases question answers.


The data for each of these assignments comes from the Annual Report of Target Corporation. The Annual Report you will be using is the 2015 Annual Report

(Links to an external site.)

. Please don’t use another year or your answers will be wrong. This report covers the dates of January 31, 2015 to January 30, 2016. If you cannot open the link you can just copy and paste the link down below.


Occasionally you will have to access the 2015 Annual Report of Kohls

(Links to an external site.)

for comparison purposes. Again if you can’t access the 2015 Annual report of kohls here is a link.

For each questions, please do the following: Do not replicate each question, Number each question, When a question asks you to compute a ratio or another analytic, please show the work the last question 17-1 will have to do using spreadsheet software (Excel, Google Sheets, etc) ,If you use an outside source (other than the Target or Kohl’s financials) please cite the sources.


Financial Statement Case 14-1


How much was Target Corporation’s long-term debt at January 30, 2016?

Compute Target Corporation’s debt to equity ratio at January 30, 2016. How does it compare to Kohl’s Corporation’s ratio?

Financial Statement Case 15-1


Calculate the rate of return on total assets for Target Corporation for the year ended January 30, 2016.

Compare Target Corporation’s rate of return on total assets to Kohl’s Corporation’s ratio. Discuss the differences.

Financial Statement Case 16-1


Which method does Target use to report net cash flows from operating activities? How can you tell?

Target earned net income during 2015. Did operations provide cash or use cash during 2015? Give the amount. How did net cash provided by (used for) operations during 2015 compare with net income in 2015?

For the year ended January 30, 2016 (fiscal year 2015), did Target pay cash dividends? If so, how much?

For the year ended January 30, 2016, did Target use cash to purchase property, plant, and equipment? If so, how much?

Financial Statement Case 17-1

Requirements – Please note for this assignment you must use spreadsheet software (Excel, Google Sheets, etc)

Compute trend analyses for Sales and Net earnings / (loss). Use 2013 as the base year. What is the most notable aspect of these data?

Perform a vertical analysis for Target Corporation’s balance sheet as of January 31, 2016 (fiscal year 2015), and January 31, 2015 (fiscal year 2014). Include only these main categories:



Total current assets


Property and equipment, net


Noncurrent assets of discontinued operations


Other noncurrent assets


Total assets


Liabilities and shareholders’ investment:


Total current liabilities


Total noncurrent liabilities


Total shareholders’ investment


Total liabilities and shareholders’ investment

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