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To one degree or another, all public safety programs require financial resources. Locally developed and implemented programs may be particularly beneficial to the surrounding community but can also be difficult to fund. To support their efforts, program managers therefore often pursue several different funding options including private donations, governmental grants, or program-generated revenue, among others.

As a team, locate a scholarly journal article describing a local (i.e., NOT a national program like D.A.R.E. or Neighborhood Watch) public safety program implemented within the past decade. The article should focus on implementing the program and should discuss how the program is/was funded. Provide the full APA reference for your article.

Synopsize the funding strategy for your chosen program. Describe how that funding furthered the mission of the program, and detail any funding challenges identified for the program. Finally, identify two additional and specific funding streams (e.g., grants, revenue, donations, etc.) that your chosen program could use to further their goals. These streams should be real (e.g., a real-world government grant, real-world philanthropic organization, etc.) and should match the mission and intent of the program. For example, do not suggest using breast cancer philanthropy dollars to support anti-methamphetamine abuse programs. Discuss the pros and cons of each choice. Finally, rank the three funding schemes (i.e., the two you suggested and the one the program actually used) from most to least viable based on your assessment of their benefits and challenges. Be sure to justify your ranking.

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