Final Project: Application Video

Assignment Described

Create an application video. Use the job description from the Cover Letter and Resume assignment you previously submitted, and customize this video for that organization and position. In other words, there should be consistency between the cover letter you already submitted and this application video. Ideally, you would also demonstrate consistency between your brand statement, cover letter, and this video. You may use visuals if they are appropriate for this specific position.


Assignment Justified

“Asynchronous” doesn’t just describe classrooms post-COVID, but also interviews
. Even before COVID, employers have been using Skype and “one-way” interviews for some time. Expect to do these soon, if you haven’t already, and see this assignment as practice. This assignment also acts as a “final”: it concisely demonstrates improvement or proves mastery in public speaking, serving as your final pitch to me for why you deserve an excellent grade. Finally, it can reassure you that you’re in fact prepared for your future public speaking tasks.

Audience: Assume your audience is a hiring manager.

Length: Between 1 and 2 minutes, with 2:15 being the absolute maximum.

Include the following in your video:

A snappy introduction
Your name and position you are applying for
Why you want the job and why they should hire you

Imagine this video answering, or at least addressing, at least one of the following questions: “why should we hire you,” “why do you want to work here,” or “what makes you unique.”

Your challenge here: be memorable, concise, and persuasive. Sound like a human being, not a robot, and give me a persuasive snapshot of how you’ve grown as a public speaker.

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