Final paper – communication practicum

The purpose of this paper is to examine the topics studied during this quarter and to integrate them in your own job and career efforts.

The paper should be APA professional style, including title page and running heads, and bibliography, 1300 words minimum to 1400 words maximum in length for the main body text of the paper, double-spaced, 12- point type. Reminder: be sure to use proper APA subheads to guide the reader through the paper.

Summarize and explain what you studied in each of the following areas: Myers- Briggs, developing your resume, developing your image and building your brand online brand, and about connecting with others via social media sites such as Linked-In. Secondly, reflect on what you take away from these studies and what/how you will apply these findings in your own job and career development and efforts.

For example, summarize Myers-Briggs. What did you learn about yourself by taking the Myer’s Briggs test? How might that knowledge be applied in your resume explanation of your aptitudes and in interviewing? Be practical and specific.

Like tools in a toolbox, each element in the job-search serves its own purpose. A resume offers a broader glimpse of you with some focused point that helps the HR recruiter understand what you are offering and if it fits the job parameters. The cover letter of introduction focuses more narrowly on what qualities and aptitudes make you particularly stand out as a strong candidate among many qualified people. The interview is about connection. It is your one brief chance interpersonally to make yourself memorable as perhaps the perfect fit for the job. They know why they want to hire you among qualified candidates. They must remember you an hour later as a strong fit on their team and their best choice.

Finally, explain briefly in this paper how you think you present yourself uniquely in each of these three opportunities.

SPECIAL NOTE about paragraphing: Many people misunderstand the purpose of a paragraph and how to write an effective one. Too often I see giant blocks of text containing multiple points, which often required multiple paragraphs. As a career writer and editor, here is my brief explanation.

First, a sentence is a single idea. There is a subject, a verb—action word, typically followed by the object. “The boy (subject) ate (verb-action word) the pie (object).”

A paragraph has a lead sentence, followed by a few supporting a statement or statements related to the introduction, and a concluding sentence. When the main idea of the paragraph shifts attention or argument, add a point, or changes the focus, start a new paragraph. An ideal paragraph is 3-7 sentences.

The first sentence is a clear statement that relates to and continues to build on the previous paragraph. The next two to six sentences stay on focus and support the lead sentence. The concluding sentence serve to sum up the paragraph’s point and sets up the next paragraph.

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