Final Examination

African and African American Studies

From Africa to Emancipation

Final Examination:

Directions: Answer five essays for 25 points each. Each essay must be a full two or more pages long. Introduction sites the purpose of your essay and the conclusion summarizes your discussion. Each essay must have a discussion and analysis. Each essay should be structured and well organized. (12 point font., double spaced)
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· Name must be on your document and it must be uploaded, no [papers are accepted by email or late.
· Each question must be numbered as they are numbered on this paper. Good format is to include the question are addressing.

1. Why and how did abolitionism begin in the United States? Discuss some of the major people, organizations, and contrasting ideas.
2. The “Anti-slavery” movement was prominent among Africans descendants in the United States who were not slaves and enjoyed a modest level of “freedom”. Discuss some of the individuals and organizations and their accomplishments
3. Discuss Abraham Lincoln’s ideas about slavery from the Lincoln -Douglass Debates to the Emancipation Proclamation to the policies of compensated emancipation and colonization of newly freed Black people.
4. Discuss the role of Black men and women in the Civil war.
5. Discuss how Black people organized themselves after the Civil War. Cite individuals and organizations.

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