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Final Paper Outline
Films are tools that are mostly used for Human Imaginations. The ideas that are mostly used in films are impossible. The film’s characters play a huge impact when it comes to gender stereotyping. There is ravaging debate on how female characters have been used in films. Their role has metamorphosed from that of being submissive to adopting dominant roles and that of hyper-sexualized. There is a shift in the role of males in films. Recent films have shown that there is a conflicting role between the male and the female gender. This paper will focus on the role of the male and female gender and how they are portrayed in the films, including the changes affecting gender construction.
The Women’s rights movements have advocated for women’s equality to place them at an equal chance with their male counterparts in society. The feminist movements have found their way into the film industry, where Women are depicted as playing very prominent roles in films. This is in contrast, where in the past, women used to play the role of subservient and submissive compared to their male counterparts. One of the things that are very noticeable in today’s films is how society is changing. The male stereotype has been deconstructed, and the male characters are expected to behave according to society’s expectations. Most films have deviated away from the Nature of placing men as having masculine traits. We can see the new Age Men in today’s films. The dominance of females in today’s films shows the dominance and prominence existing in society today. This paper looks at the fusion of males and females with both genders embracing the feminine and masculine traits. Feminism is defined by their submissive role, while Masculinity is defined as having a physical force and an absolute authority. The men in films today are expected to handle housework and still have straights like being caring. There is a feeling that males need to assert their dominance in the film industry to reintegrate into society.
Thesis Statement: The rise of females in films has led to the birth of New Age Men in society. This has led to a change in society’s Nature. By asserting their dominance in the film industry, they have led to the integration and deconstruction of male stereotypes. The following films will be essential to show feminism’s role in films; Muriel’s Wedding and Whale Rider.Rauwerda, A. M. (2004). The Whale Rider. Postcolonial Text, 1(1).https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0298228/. Mackey, J. A. (2001). Subtext and counter text in” Muriel’s Wedding.” NWSA Journal, 86-104.https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110598/

Annotated Bibliography
Rothman, S., Powers, S., & Rothman, D. (1993). Feminism in films. Society, 30(3), 66-72.
This article provides us with useful information on media radicalization to promote feminism. The article explains the growth and spread of feminism in society. I was explaining the root causes.
Humm, M. (1997). Feminism and film. Indiana University Press.
This book applies a wide range of theories as it explains feminist issues in society. It begins with contemporary surveys of historical issues.
Kelly, D. M., & Pomerantz, S. (2009). Mean, wild, and alienated: Girls and the state of feminism in popular culture. Girlhood Studies, 2(1), 1-19.
This article gives us the necessities that are promoting feminism. Information retrieved will be useful in the paper.
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This article gives us a clear picture of how Women are depicted in movies. Their changing roles have been discussed. This information will be useful in the introduction part of the paper.
Viteo, K. A. (2012). Day of the Woman? Feminism & Rape-Revenge Films.
Women are forced into fighting for their rights because of how they are viewed in society. This article explains how women are disadvantaged in a male-dominated society.


Paper requirement/Description:
Focus on the two films listed in the outline, and write how they support the paper’s arguments. Work on avoiding generalizations and instead speak to the specifics of the film you will be analyzing. AVOID BROAD DESCRIPTIONS.

All paper topics must be related to issues of contemporary feminism and media taking place by 1980 or later. While you can reference issues or media examples that occurred pre-1980 to create a cultural and industrial concept (e.g., 1970s single women sitcoms’ impact on representations of single women on television today), the focus of your paper must be 1980 or later.

Visual Rhetoric: each paper must include three images and one video clip that help to illustrate various points in your paper’s argument. For example, if you are writing a paper about the representation of women professionals in one-hour dramas by studying costume design, including images of what female protagonists’ wear will be useful in supporting your thesis. If you are conducting a study of advertising campaigns for female-centric action franchises including movie trailers, website screen shots, and/or images of movie posters will be beneficial to your argument. Include images and links to clips within the body of your paper.
Some aspects to consider in your papers:
* What is the historical context for the media texts you are focusing on? Are they related to a shared cultural and/or political moment? Were they made during the same time and under similar industrial conditions? How were they received by media critics and audiences during the time of their release and how do they hold up in the present?
* Is there a thematic thread tying all of the titles you’ve chosen together? What artistically stands out about your examples? How does the star/celebrity persona and brand of the writer, director, producer, and/or performer impact the relationship between feminism and the film/TV/digital media they are a part of? What is the relationship between celebrity persona + marketing + target audience?
* What kind of research must you do/sources do you need to use to answer the questions key to your paper’s thesis statement?

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