Family and marriage

These are the following questions that must be answered, each question must be half a page or a bit more single spaced, make sure you tie the readings and lecture slides to all of the answers.


1. How does one find the person they want to marry in Canada? What are the characteristics of mate selection in North America. What is the role played by demographic variables such as age, race, religion, and social status?


2. In Canada, a country where marriage is often based out of love, the concept of an arranged marriage may seem somewhat questionable. Make a list of the advantages of romantic-love marriages and the difficulties of arranged marriage from that perspective. Once you have done that, try to do the same from the perspective of a society where arranged-marriages are common (in other words, show the benefits of arranged marriages and the difficulties of romantic-love ones from the perspective of that society).


3. Some writers and journalists talk about “the decline of the traditional family.” Yet despite this decline, Canadians still claim to live in families and to value family. Obviously, there has been a change in ideas about what a family is and what family values are. What are these changes? How do you think these changes will evolve in the future? What social factors will affect these changes and the speed at which they take place?

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