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Double-spaced paper reviewing a news article from a current event and how it relates to a concept discussed in class. Climate Change, Ecosystem service, Natural hazards. Content: Briefly introduce the event Explicitly identify the geographic concept the event pertains to. Define and discuss the geographic concept, using your textbook. Put it into your own words as well. Connect more information about the concept back into the event. Briefly tell me why you chose this event. Sources: You may use multiple sources. The main news article should be of substantial length (it should take you at least 5 minutes to read it). You must use a reputable news source such as one of the following: The Economist BBC NPR The Wall Street Journal New York Times The Washington Post You must cite all of your sources, including the news article, and your textbook. If you do not provide a citation for the article then you will not receive any credit. DO NOT use wikipedia as your primary source article. Formatting and Originality: Paper should be no less than 550-600 words (about 2 full pages of content). Use MLA or Chicago Style formatting. You must include a works-cited page. Include parenthetical documentation. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE ANYTHING FROM AN ARTICLE ONLINE! If you want to type out a direct quote, make sure to use quotation marks followed by an in-text citation. If you paraphrase anything you must also follow that sentence with in-text citations. I will be using plagiarism software. A similarity score of 15% or higher will be investigated and will likely not receive credit. If you turn in your paper early and see your score is above 14%, you may revise and resubmit your paper. However, I will not accept any re-submissions after the deadline – NO EXCEPTIONS.

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