Explain to parents the importance of attachment in the early years.

PARENT INFORMATION DIGITAL DISPLAY: students will prepare a digital display/handout providing parents with information on infant and toddler development. Information for parents should include the developmental domains for the topic, the importance of the topic, and tips or strategies for parents to encourage development based on the topic.

You will be graded on:

1) Content (you will need to include references)

You need to think about what would be important for parents to understand or learn.

Include things such as:

Background research (who, how, why, and when if it applies),

Why this information is important,

What can parents do,

Where can they find additional resources.

You need to be selective and concise in your writing as a brochure needs to be eye catching and easy to read so that it will attract interest.

2) Visual appeal (includes errors in writing, aesthetics, good alignment of images and writing, etc.)

You can use any format you wish – a single powerpoint slide, google posters


Explain to parents the importance of attachment in the early years. Describe the different types of attachment and how attachment is necessary for learning.

This website may be helpful in creating your display. https://www.canva.com/ You can use other platforms as well. This is just an idea recommended by another classmate. the topic is pointed red

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