Essay: Duck soup/ Dr. Strangelove– Anti war ideology

Cinema- understanding movies

Prompt: Watch the two comic anti-war films below, and in a well organized and considered essay, discuss the anti-war ideology expressed in these two films. Explain how this ideology is brought to the fore through the comic treatment of serious matters in these two films and demonstrate how the elements of film we have studied (Mise en scene, characterization, editing, etc.) contribute to the anti-war stance suggested by these films. Be sure to cite specific scenes from each film to support your views.

Consider: Since Duck Soup was made in 1933, after WWI, at a time, however, of increased militarism–Japan against China, Hitler rises to power in Germany–and Dr. Strangelove was made in 1964–Vietnam war is escalating in an atomic age–how are these two films similar and different in their representation of their anti-war ideology? What do the films suggest about the causes of war? How are these particular films a reflection of their time and what ideologies do they espouse? What questions do they ask? What (if any) answers do they provide?

Approx. 700 words

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