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Read article below:

Part A Do you think that David Neeleman best meets the definition of a manager or a leader? List and discuss three (3) reasons for your answer and provide three (3) examples of how David Neeleman does not fit the alternate definition.

Part B What are the key elements of JetBlue’s culture?

Part C What role does the leader play in the development and maintenance of the culture?

Grading Rubric
– 20 pts Provide clear description of manager and leader, comment on how David Neeleman best meets one definition
– 30 pts Provide three reasons for option of why David Needelman is leader or manager with 3 examples of each
– 20 pts Provide clear discussion of the key elements of jet blues culture
– 20 pts discuss role leader plays in development and maintenance of culture
– 5pts mechanics (grammar spelling)
– 5 pts – APA formatting

Reference text:
Kotter, J. P. (1996). Leading Change. Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business School Press

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